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List of Computer / Cyber / Informatics Olympiads Conducted In India

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Computers have been a significant part of the average student's education since the early 1980s. Although computer technology has become much more pervasive since then, people often wonder why we need to learn computer use in school. Some studies show that those who learn on a computer perform better academically than their peers. Jobs of the future will demand computer literacy from just about every individual.

A 1994 analysis of computer technology in schools showed that those who learned with computers showed above-average results on standardized achievement tests. Students often respond positively to computers, which can conform to the needs of the student. The study also found that computers streamline the education process. Students learning on a computer take less time to learn material than students with teacher instruction only.

Olympiad examinations at school level are competitive examination, based on the school syllabus, which are conducted through various independent organizations.

These exams give exposure to students about competition and make them ready to face any competitive challenge that would be thrown open to them in the future.

Following are the major diagnostic/olympiad examinations related to computers for Indian school kids
  • Conducted by Silver Zone
  • Three Level Exam
  • Exam Date: 7th and 30th November 2017
  • Class 1 to 12
  • Details
How Olympiad Helper can help students scoring better in Olympiad Exams?

Learning is not about completing the course or remembering the content. It is about making the concept clear. helps to recognize a kid's proficiency and the ability of their real strength. It also highlights the areas demanding attention so that kids can make out where to concentrate and what to improve. is the most trusted and comprehensive Olympiad exam diagnostic and preparation tool. It provides an objective, in-depth practice platform to the students preparing for various Olympiad examinations. Our “Online Test Series”is designed to handle most of the school level competitive / Olympiad / diagnostic exams.

There is a thin line between being “Good” and being “Outstanding”.
Proper use of Olympiad Helper, can omit the line between being “Good” and being “Outstanding” and transforms a kid from “Good” to “Outstanding”.

Score Better In Olympiad Exams

Below are the few impressive features that make “” "The Most Trusted and Comprehensive Tool for Olympiad Exam Preparation"

Chapter-wise Tests

Currently, the biggest challenge for the students appearing in Olympiad Exams is that; these exams are conducted in the mid-session. So the student does not get adequate time for the preparation. With "Chapter-wise Test Generation" feature students can start their Olympiad Exam preparation as soon as they complete their first chapter.


Selection of Exam Pattern

Most of the Olympiad Exams are conducted on the similar syllabus, but still, they differ slightly on question pattern, standard/type of the question and marking scheme.

To provide our learners; more realistic feel while taking a practice test, we offer an option to select Exam pattern.


Detailed Diagnostic Report

After each test, the student will get a detailed strength and weakness report that contains students performance break-up at the chapter level.

This way you can make out which one is your weak section. And you will get to know in which area you need to work more.


Percentile Performance

At the end of each mock test, kid is presented with the percentile score. If the percentile score is 86, this means 86% of all the kids who appeared on the same exam have scored either less than or equals to your marks. However, it also means that 14% of the kids have scored more then your marks. This feature helps the kids to evaluate their preparation.


Descriptive Answers

The descriptive or detailed answer will be provided to each difficult question. At times, it happens that you want more explanation of a particular question then you are always welcomed. You can send us feedback or your doubts, and you will be receiving a reply within 48 hours by the individual subject teacher.


Ask Doubts

As our services are completely online, it enables us to be connected. Our tool allows kids to send feedback on the questions asked in our online tests. A kid can seek description or explanation on any question asked in our test papers. Students also have option to ask questions related to their course.


Click here to know more about how olympiad helper can help you in preparing for Olympiad Exams.

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

Somewhere, Right Now, Someone Is Preparing While You Are Not

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