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I am Studying In Class 2 In Baldwin Co-Education High School. I Have Secured 1st Rank In The Science Olympiad And Cleared The Level 1 With A Percentage Of 97.939 - Nidhish Hejmady

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Olymper helper was my life-line for preparation of NCO, and that,s why I could reach to 2nd level. thanks to OH team.

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Olympiad helper has helped my son Ishaan Chugh to qualify for cyber....He is equally excited to appear and pass with flying colors in the other as well

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Dear olympiadhelper,I have qualified for second level NCO! Also, I got school first rank in the same. Thanks a lot for all your help! You helped meachievemy dream. The practice tests were very use...

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Olympiad helper helped me in preparing and revising for the exams thoroughly. Thanks for all the help

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Olympiad helper is very much helpful in the preparation and developing the required skill for the exams

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Olympiad Helper helped me in preparing and testing my knowledge on the subject. I am really thank full to Olympiad helper.

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Olympiad helper is really very helpful

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I am pleased to share that my son Master Anish Singh scored 1st School Rank, 2nd State Rank and 64th International Rank in 13th NCO for class 2nd. Though he has put lot of efforts to achieve this fet...

International Cyber Olympiad (ICO)

Get 50 Chapter-wise, 3 Mock and 20 Full-length Sample Test papers to evaluate your preparation.
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Official site - ICO
In today’s world, computer literacy is a must and computer education should begin at an early age. With this vision EHF is conducting the International Cyber Olympiad (ICO) promises to make computer learning fun by introducing olympiads, Cyber Smart Activity Books, workshop, seminars and annual cyber smart e-newspaper. All these will give them the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a changing world.
Eligibility : CBSE/ICSE/ State Boards and NIOS students studying in class 1to12 are eligible to appear.
Exam Date and Eligibility
  • Date of Examination :The ICO will be held on 2nd November 2016 at participating schools.
  • Eligibility : CBSE/ICSE/ State Boards and ICO students studying in class 1 to 12 are eligible to appear
Examination Pattern
Level 1: city/state Pen paper (OMR) based multiple choice questions on CBSE, ICSE, State and IB syllabus; To be conducted in your school.
Class Total Question Sectionwise Question
1 st to 6th 25
To be Solved in 40 min.
5 General IQ.
15 Computers
5 Interactive
7 th to 12th 50
To be Solved in 60 min.
10 General IQ.
30 Computers
10 Interactive

Level 2: National Selected students - Successful school toppers* will participate in an online/ computer based test to be conducted at exam centres all over India in Feburary These tests will have interactive questions. The Syllabus will be same as was in level-1.

Level 3: International Feb. onwards, level 2 toppersl will be selected for International Olympiad training camps which will mentor these toppers for project based competitions conducted by Oracle Foundations THINKQUEST. IOTC will be mentored by top scientists from IIT, Delhi.
ICO Syllabus
Class 1
  • What is Computer?,Parts of computer. Devices used with Computer, How to operate uour Computer and What Computer Can Do?

Class 2
  • Computers Environment: Parts of a Computer: Application of Computers; Start & Shut down a Computer; Keyboard: Input / Output Device: MS-Paint: Miscellaneous

Class 3
  • Generations of Computers: Hardware & Software: Explore Keyboard: Input & Output Devices: Data Storage: Familiarity with Windows: Paint Brush

Class 4
  • Generations of Computers: Computer and its Peripherals; Computer Memories; Characteristics of Memory Devices; Software Classification; A brief about Computer Languages: Fundamentals of Windows; Hands on with Paint Brush; working with MS-Word.

Class 5
  • Categories of Computers & Memory Device; Understanding Windows; Working with MS-Word; Applications of Multimedia; Understanding Internet.

Class 6
  • Categories of Computers & Memory Device; Understanding Windows; Working with MS-Word; Applications of Multimedia; Understanding Internet.

Class 7
  • A Walk Through Computers; Types of computer Languages; Computer Networking and its Usage: Windows Explorer; Microsoft Word: Understanding World of Internet; Microsoft Excel: Introduction of Power-point.

Class 8
  • Technological Development of Computers; How Computer Works?; Computer Software Fundamentals; Coding with Logo Managing Windows; Word processing with MS-Word; Surfing the NET.

Class 9
  • Computer Devices & Programming Language; Operating Systems: Computer and Communication: MS-Word MS-Excel: PowerPoint

Class 10
  • The World of Internet; World Wide Web; Internet Usage; HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language); MS-Access.

Class 11
  • Computer Hardware; Windows Server & Website; C++; Algorithms; Oracle; Visual Basic.

Class 12
  • C++; Visual Basic: Networking: Multimedia & web Technology: RDBMS.