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I am Studying In Class 2 In Baldwin Co-Education High School. I Have Secured 1st Rank In The Science Olympiad And Cleared The Level 1 With A Percentage Of 97.939 - Nidhish Hejmady

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Olymper helper was my life-line for preparation of NCO, and that,s why I could reach to 2nd level. thanks to OH team.

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Olympiad helper has helped my son Ishaan Chugh to qualify for cyber....He is equally excited to appear and pass with flying colors in the other as well

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Dear olympiadhelper,I have qualified for second level NCO! Also, I got school first rank in the same. Thanks a lot for all your help! You helped meachievemy dream. The practice tests were very use...

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Olympiad helper helped me in preparing and revising for the exams thoroughly. Thanks for all the help

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Olympiad helper is very much helpful in the preparation and developing the required skill for the exams

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Olympiad Helper helped me in preparing and testing my knowledge on the subject. I am really thank full to Olympiad helper.

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Olympiad helper is really very helpful

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I am pleased to share that my son Master Anish Singh scored 1st School Rank, 2nd State Rank and 64th International Rank in 13th NCO for class 2nd. Though he has put lot of efforts to achieve this fet...

IAIS - International Assessments for Indian Schools

by Macmillan Education in partnership with Educational Assessment Australia(EAA) an education group of UNSW Global Pty Limited
Official site - IAIS
Get 50 Chapter-wise, 3 Mock and 20 Full-length Sample Test papers to evaluate your preparation.
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International Assessments for Indian Schools (IAIS) is a leading international student assessment service that provides an objective, in-depth, external assessment of student skills in key learning areas. IAIS is a diagnostic assessment which brings to light the strengths and weaknesses of a student on the four core subject areas of English, Science, Mathematics and Digital Technologies.

The International Assessments for Indian Schools more popularly known as IAIS provides an objective, in-depth assessments of student skills in key learning areas that are essential for success in school & beyond. IAIS is not a competitive exam, it’s purely a diagnostic assessment benchmarked against global standards that reveals academic strengths and weaknesses of students through scientifically graded assessment questions, which demand application of basic to higher order thinking skills from students.

IAIS exams

  • IAIS-Mathematics :
    • Conducted for class 3 to 12
    • A IAIS-Mathematics is a problem solving competition open to all "mathletes". The aim of the competition is to test innate problem solving skills.
    • Exam Date : 21st August 2015 and
    • more.....

  • IAIS-Science:
    • Conducted for class 3 to 12
    • Purpose of the IAIS-Science is to improving the quality of science education, increasing student interest in science, and providing recognition of outstanding achievement in science education by both students and teachers.
    • Exam Date : 21st August 2015 and
    • more.....
  • IAIS-English :
    • Conducted for class 3 to 12
    • IAIS-English is targeted at young learners. As we all know that English is a global language and in the today's global world, it is becoming more important to become proficient in the field of English language.
    • Exam Date : 22nd August 2015 and more.....

  • IAIS-Digital Technologies :
    • Conducted for class 3 to 10
    • IAIS-Digital Technologies helps student in understanding the computer concepts and prepare for various national and internation level competitive examination in the field of computers. Following are the mojor examinations related to computers for school childerens.
    • Exam Date : 22nd August 2015 and
    • more.....

The diagnostic assessment enables students to

  • Identify their academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Monitor and compare their year on year achievement with other students
  • Gain valuable experience in taking international assessment tests

IAIS exams deliver the unequalled, unpretentious, global assessments to you! Why is IAIS/ IAS unequalled?
IAIS/ IAS adroitly shows the schools the invisible weak links in their teaching/learning strategies IAIS/ IAS point to the teacher exactly what she has to focus on to shape her global players. It throws up the answer to the question that teachers had asked for long: “Why doesn’t my effort give me the kind of results I look for?” IAIS/ IAS open the eyes of the parents to the kind of support they should give to their children to get to the dream destination!

Registration Process

Students can participate only through schools. Schools may register by contacting local Macmillan office or IAIS/IAS helpline.

Medals & Certificates

The top performing students in IAIS & IAS, in each subject and in each class across the region are awarded a University of New South Wales Gold medal.

Country & State Topper has been scrapped from Year 2015, only Regional Medals to be given starting year 2015

To be eligible for a medal, students must sit only for the paper/s they have registered for and for the class in which they are currently enrolled. Schools must ensure that standard invigilation procedures are followed during the examinations.

Levels In Each Class
High Distinction Top 1% of entrants
Distinction The next 10% of entrants
Credit The next 25% of entrants
Participation All other Participating Students

General Disclaimer: Information presented on is collected, maintained, and provided for the convenience of the reader. While every effort is made to keep such information accurate and up-to-date, the not certify the authenticity of information that originates from third parties. Readers are advised to check with organizer and/or school for updated information.