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I am Studying In Class 2 In Baldwin Co-Education High School. I Have Secured 1st Rank In The Science Olympiad And Cleared The Level 1 With A Percentage Of 97.939 - Nidhish Hejmady

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Olymper helper was my life-line for preparation of NCO, and that,s why I could reach to 2nd level. thanks to OH team.

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Olympiad helper has helped my son Ishaan Chugh to qualify for cyber....He is equally excited to appear and pass with flying colors in the other as well

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Dear olympiadhelper,I have qualified for second level NCO! Also, I got school first rank in the same. Thanks a lot for all your help! You helped meachievemy dream. The practice tests were very use...

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Olympiad helper helped me in preparing and revising for the exams thoroughly. Thanks for all the help

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Olympiad helper is very much helpful in the preparation and developing the required skill for the exams

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Olympiad Helper helped me in preparing and testing my knowledge on the subject. I am really thank full to Olympiad helper.

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Olympiad helper is really very helpful

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I am pleased to share that my son Master Anish Singh scored 1st School Rank, 2nd State Rank and 64th International Rank in 13th NCO for class 2nd. Though he has put lot of efforts to achieve this fet...

Welcome to Olympiad Helper

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Olympiad Helper - The Most Trusted Olympiad Preparation Tool
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We are a leading Olympiad preparation organisation that provides an objective, in-depth practice platform to the students preparing for Olympiad examinations. Our assessments bring to light the strengths and weaknesses of a student on the five core subject English, Science, Mathematics, Computer Skills and General Knowledge.

Our “Online Test Series” is designed to handle most of the school level competitive / Olympiad / diagnostic exams; such as NCO, NSO, IMO, IEO, ISKO conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF), iiO, iOS, iOM, iOEL, SKGKO, iTHO conducted by Silver Zone, IAIS-Mathematics, IAIS-Science, IAIS-English and IAIS - Digital Technology (formerly IAIS-Computer) conducted by Macmillan Education and ASSET Math, English, Science conducted by Educational Initiatives.

Most of the Olympiad exams are conducted on the similar syllabus that kids are studying in the school. It means that they do not require additional reference books for the preparation of these exams. However, at the same time questions asked in these exams are quite different than what kids learn in the school. Questions are trickier and conceptual.

To excel in ‘Olympiad Exams’, it is essential for the students to understand the exam pattern, evaluate and prepare themselves on the Olympiad standard questions.

Practice with 50 chapter-wise, 20 full-length online Sample and 3 full-length online Mock tests

We support following Important Competitive / Olympiad / Diagnostic / Assessment Exam syllabus and pattern

ASSET by Educational Initiatives


Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)

National Cyber Olympiad
National Science Olympiad
International Mathematics Olympiad
International English Olympiad
International Sports Knowledge Olympiad

Silver Zone

International Informatics Olympiad
iOM - International Olympiad of Mathematics iOS
International Olympiad of Science
iOEL - International Olympiad of English Language SKGKO - Smart Kid General Knowledge Olympiad iTHO
International Talent Hunt Olympiad

IAIS - International Assessments for Indian Schools by Macmillan Education in partnership with Educational Assessment Australia(EAA) an education group of UNSW Global Pty Limited.

IAIS - Mathematics IAIS - Science IAIS - English
IAIS - Digital Technology

Unified Council

Unified Cyber Olympiad
NSTSE - National Level Science Talent Search Examination UIEO - Unified International English Olympiad

Brilliant Zone

BIIO - Brilliant International Informatics Olympiad BIOS - Brilliant International Olympiad of Science BIOM - Brilliant International Olympiad of Mathematics
BIOEL - Brilliant International Olympiad English Language

Eduheal Foundation

International Cyber Olympiad
IEO-Eduheal - International English Olympiad NIMO - National Interactive Math Olympiad
NISO - National Interactive Science Olympiad IGO - International General Knowledge Olympiad

  • 50 online chapter-wise tests in each subject
  • 3 online full-length mock tests in each subject
  • 20 online full-length sample tests in each subject
  • Appearing in so many tests will boost up your child's confidence
  • Cover syllabus of all important olympiad examinations like NCO, NSO, IMO, IEO, ASSET, iIO, iOS, iOM, iOEL, SKGKO, UCO, NSTSE, SLSTSE, IAIS, NTSE, etc.
  • All questions are prepared by the competent and experienced teachers.
  • Working on computer and appearing in online test helps in arousing and maintaining interest of the students
  • Helps in developing and nurturing the habit of self-study
  • It will help in proper utilization of leisure-time
  • Develops the problem-solving attitude among the students
  • You will get percentile score at the end of mock test, which will help you know your preparation against other students who are appearing for the same test
  • You can repeat sample test many times by keeping 1 week gap between 2 attempt for the same paper